Northwest Airlines - Tried to force me to have *** anal intercourse!

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I asked for water, and Bruce and Adam and Ken and the purser named Alec, demanded I have a 4 way in the galley! Well,I had been eating peanuts from the other flight, and was thirsty !

So don't blame me! I went to confession at the airport chapel when we landed, and a Father Peter Diddelsworth started pleasuring himself and asking for more and more details, until he jumped up and *** all over the booth! My wife, earline asked me why I have two toned chit stains in the back, as well as the front of my fruit of the looms!

I ask you, is this any way to treat a customer? Next time I go from San Francisco to Oakland I will drive!

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #618463

This must have happened a few years ago, because there is no longer a Northwest Airlines. It became Delta a few years ago, maybe sometime between three-six years ago. So you must have been having a fantasy type dream.

Northwest Airlines - Horrible ticket agents


Northwest ticket agents (Minneapolis, St. Paul) are the worst ever.

They are unionized and about to become non-existent in their merger with Delta. They know will they not have a job in 2 years, and in the meantime they cannot be fired. As a result they take out their frustrations on innocent customers like people in wheelchairs, the old, the blind, children (unaccompanied minors), and people with limited or no English. They go out of their way to be aggressively cruel.

(To be honest,there are some exceptions.) Even if it costs extra, I would advise flying any other airline than Northwest. Unless you love abuse.

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Items missing from baggage checked with Northwest Airlines (EWR-AMS-DEL)

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I was traveling on-board Northwest flights from Newark-Liberty I'tl to Delhi via Amsterdam last Tuesday, and checked in two duly locked bags at the origin. When I collected my baggage at Delhi, I observed that the locks on one of the bags was missing. Upon checking I found that an Apple iPod Touch and a Sony PlayStation Portable were missing from the bag. Subsequently, I went to the airline's office at the airport and they gave me the email/phone numbers to call. I duly did so but am unable to get justifiable response.

The airline says that I should not keep electronics items in the checked in bags as they are valuable. I am confused by their response as a piece of clothing (from a designer like Chanel etc) could be multiple times more valuable than an electronics item. This is speaking solely in monetary terms. An item that might be deemed worthless monetarily might have immense emotional value to the traveler. Therefore, this whole premise of valuables raised by Northwest Airlines/Delta comes across as illogical to me.

I checked in my baggage with them at Newark and it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of my baggage. After a week of haggling with them, all I have got back from them is that it was my mistake to put valuables in my checked in baggage. This to me is customer service at its worst. They have no idea how much emotional loss this whole episode has caused me as those stolen items were meant to be gifts for my loved ones. I am just hoping to get compensated for my monetary loss. Right now I feel as if Northwest/Delta have robbed me and also charged me hard-earned US $ for the same.

I am seeking everyone's opinion as to what business forums to approach or file a lawsuit so that Northwest/Delta accept their mistake in mishandling my baggage and compensate me appropriately.

Please help.

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On August 15, 2008 I was at Erie International Airport going through the TSA check point where I was stopped and directed to check my bag into NWA luggage due to liquids/hairgel in my bag. They started the boarding process for my flight to Detroit (layover) so I hurried and ran to the ticket counter, good thing Erie is such a small airport. I hurriedly checked my bag and ran to TSA and then to the gate to catch my flight (NW 5818).

I arrived in Raleigh and headed directly to the baggage claim. I was standing where the bags come out since I was in a hurry to catch my ride to my destination. As my bag came out, I saw it was opened and immediately panicked because I remembered that my digital camera was in there. I then searched my bag and the camera was not inside my bag. I headed directly to the Northwest baggage office where I spoke with Loreana (spelling).

I walked into the office and explained to her that my bag was opened and that my camera has been taken out of my bag. She in return stated “what do you want me to do about it?” I was a little drawn back by her statement and then asked her to take a claim for me. She stated that I did not have a right to file a claim because it was an “electronic item and Northwest is not responsible”. I then told her that she needs to take a claim because one of their employees went through my bag, no TSA card was in there to show my bag was randomly searched and my camera was gone. I continued to explain that I only fly with Northwest and am a loyal customer and would like some assistance. She stated back to me, “Then go fly a different airline, I am not responsible for this”. I was now starting to get upset and told her I will just call customer service. She told me to go ahead, she did not care because they would tell me the same thing.

I called customer service on the way to Durham and they apologized on how I was treated, she (Melissa, agent sign ME) asked if she could place me on hold while she spoke with her manger, I told her that it would not be a problem. After she returned, she told me that I needed to go back to the airport and tell the lady there that I was to file a claim and she was to take the claim. She told me that Northwest would take care of this problem since I am a loyal customer. I explained that I had to be somewhere and if I could go back to the airport tomorrow, Melissa stated that would not be a problem.

The following day, August 16, 2008, after my appointment in Durham, I pursued back to the airport, to my luck, the same generous lady (Loreana) was working. I went over the conversation that I had with customer service. Loreana then reached in her desk and read a pamphlet to me as if I were in Kindergarten stating that Northwest is not responsible. I replied, “I do not care what it says, customer service stated I am to file a claim and it will be handled, start typing.” She then started to take the claim and said she will deny it as soon as it is filed. She then asked for my baggage tag which I did not know I needed to have, she told me, “oh well come back tomorrow then with it.” I told her my flight was at 8:50 AM and I will be here at 6:30 AM to do so.

I came back the following day at 6:45 AM to file my claim and then to catch my flight to return home. There was a different lady working that morning, I am not sure on her name but she was a younger Arab lady. I explained the whole situation as well as the experience that I have had so far with Northwest over this mishap. She then refused to take a claim and said that I would be able to fill out a lost and found card. I was now on my last nerve with rude customer service. I told her that it’s not a lost or found issue, my camera was stolen by your baggage employee and probably at the employee’s house most likely on e-bay by now. I then told her that customer service said I was to file a claim and to do so. She came back with, “You only had 24hrs to file“, and I explained that I have been trying to file it for a day and a half now. Finally she got fed up and said she is calling her manager and I asked her to please do so. Her manager then told her she is to take the claim. I finally filed the claim and left to go catch my flight. As I was leaving she said they will not be able to do anything on the claim division end, I ignored her and walked on.

Now on September 8, 2008, they notified me and stated they will not replace my camera that one of their employees stole and only said, sorry for how you were treated.

WORST customer care/service for an AirLine I ever saw.

Monetary Loss: $340.

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have had similar experience with the "great cust serv at nw", our trip started at 6 hrs and ended up with 18 hrs. wife is blind and no wheelchairs at any of the stops, she was seated next to some fat guy that took 2 seats,(or needed to), next stop seated next to a drunk that kept laying on her, and to top it all off they lost our bags for 3 days.

when i talked to the manager of green bay, he said "he was so sorry about the whole incident," but that "it would be a good learning experience for his crew" (at green bay), but that all he could do for us was to offer us a $100 voucher foir us that would have to be used within a year!!! i asked him if that where his wife if he would except a lousy $100 voucher and he said"i'm sorry sir but that is all the company will allow me to do"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what has happened to the consumer relations with this company??? not even an apology to my wife??

this will never happen again sir??? no non of that.

we can not even get thru to anyone else to talk this over with!!! it seems to me that northwest airlines has just gotten to big for there britches as most of the big corporations have gotten!!

Northwest Airlines - Northwest Arlines - Poor Customer Service and thanks for nothing !!!

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Not resolved

I'm pissed at Northwest Airlines. While treating my mother to a suprise 80th birthday and vacationing in New Orleans we were treated like "second class" citizens by the NW personnel at the Flint, Michigan airport. The incident started as soon as we exited the plane by there not being a wheelchair so we could get downstairs to the baggage-claim area. Finally after waiting for 15 minutes we made our way downstairs to baggage claim and spotted our luggage going through the carousel. As I searched for a tip - only my mother's luggage came back and mine did not. I went to the NW counter to retrieve my luggage and the rep (Anna Marie) stated it was not in the back. I explained to her that we saw it go around the carousel with an "orange" overweight tag affixed to it. The one that you must pay the $50.00 overweight fee for. She insisted that it was not in the back luggage area. I left empty-handed. The following day, Sunday, I drove the 100 mile trip back to the Flint airport because I could not reach anyone on the phone. I spoke with the same rep (Anna Marie) and advised her once again that I was positive that my luggage arrived with me last eveing, because I noticed it go around the carousel, but did not come back. She and her supervisor (Lenny) stated that my luggage was not in the back and I had to wait 7 days to file a "lost luggage" claim. I left in tears and appauled by the non-caring attitude. They showed absolutely no empathy or sympathy for my situtation. Day 5 - finally spoke with the NW manager (Lynn Markowski) after leaving four voice mail messages between Days 3 and 4. Ms. Markowski stated that my luggage was in the luggage area at the Flint airport (just as I had informed her staff) five days earlier. She stated that she was scheduled for a meeting at the Lansing airport and could bring it along with her later that day. I was in agreement and stated that I would retrieve my bag from the Lansing airport that evening. Upon arrival at the airport I was informed by NWA (Angela) that as of 6:15 p.m., my bag was on its way back to Flint because the bag did not contain a note stating "customer will pick up." Apparently, Ms. Marowski dropped the bag in the back area without a note of any kind. Angela noticed the bag had a FNT (Flint) tag (not looking at the date from 5 days earlier) and thought it by-passed its FNT destination and put it back on a plane to Flint. Now, I must wait until the following day (Day 6). On Day 6 Angela phone me to advise that my bag made its way back to her. She was kind enough to personally bring it to me. However, now my bag has only one of two wheels and no handle.

I pray that no one else goes through the *** and turmoil that I suffered. Northwest Airlines did not care about getting my bag back to me, or my overall situtation. The most disturbing part is that my luggage was at the Flint airport the entire time (except from Lansing back to Flint) and they failed to take the time to search for it. In addition, had the wheelchair been waiting for my mother - this entire incident could have been avoided, because we would have been in the baggage claim area within the alloted amount of time to retrieve our bags.

Thanks for nothing, Northwest!!!!!

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I understand COMPLETELY! Had the same miserable type experience a few years ago and was so angry I couldn't even put it into words!

They allowed others to board early so when we boarded, people had put their "add'l" items in "our overhead". When we boarded, there was nowhere to put my carryon and was forced to go thru baggage claim.

Upon arrival, my bag was on the "next" flight, had to wait and finally left with my bag only to find my hand mirror was broken to smithereans with glass all over my clothing etc. Haven't traveled Northwest since, thank you very much!

Northwest Airlines issues worthless vouchers


My son flew from Ithaca, New York to Portland, Oregon on Northwest on May 19. The flight from Ithaca to Detroit was overbooked and my son agreed to be bumped in exchange for a free round trip voucher good for one year.

He ended up arriving in Portland 12 hours than originally scheduled. We tried to book a flight using the voucher. Over the next twelve months, there was one day they had seats available to Ithaca. I checked flights to New York City (about 10 days available over the next year, most at the end of April 2009), Baltimore (less than 7 days available).

I contact Northwest customer service and they said that "seats are limited" and stated that the voucher could be used for a $250 credit towards a Northwest flight or else I would just have to try to get a scarce-as hens-teeth free seat.

Offering a voucher which is virtually unusable is, as far as I'm concerned, fraud. Small claims court is our next step.

If Northwest offers you such a voucher, assume that you won't be able to use it.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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have two voucher total of 600.00 how do i use them


Yes, I would love to use your free voucher. I also had a bad experience with NWA trying to fly home to see my family, leaving me with a much shortened visit, I am very homesick and hope to fly home soon this fall for a visit and could really use the help! Please email me at Thank you!


My $250/one free trip at "W" class voucher expires April 2009.

May I pass it on to someone else who might be buying a ticket on NW?

Northwest Airlines tries to match Jet Blue incident!


On February 26th 2008, over 100 passengers were held hostage on flight 1030 from MSP to FLL. Northwest made passengers wait 7 hours on the runway before declarying an emergency to let their passengers off a plane, after not being allowed to taxi into any open gate because Northwest's gates were full.

Passengers were sick, and had to drink from the lavatory with no toilet paper or toiletries. All Northworst did was give out a coupon for a free snack or drink. No wonder why the merger with Delta fell through, they did their homework.

Funny how Jet Blue gets all the Media attention for their failure but Northwest skims by...

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